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What do you compromise on the corporate websites you buy cheaply?

2-Health (Agressiveness-Stress)
3-Anger Time.

What is Corporate Website?

The design of the corporate website is the clothing of the institution.Advertising is the quality of the organization.The corporate website is a web model design that contains information related t the services and products of businesses in the internet world and shows them in search networks.To have a good website just imagine what you want,leave the rest to us.Mors Media work wonders in design and software while emphatising with you in every subject.

Mors Media , From the first day of its establishment works with planned and scheduled way and doesn't leave its customers in the lurch and make its customers happy.Mors Media is a software company acting with media principles.Mors Media is a software company that works with experince of the years , prides working with a willing team, has great data about (SEO and Adwords). Mors Media doesn't only offer you quality,but also it ofers detailed analysis and reports on the market and competitors.

Mors Media Corporate web

What can we do in a corporate website?

  •  Design and logo work: Logos and des,gns must be used everywhere so they must be professional.Places to use: website,business card,mail signature,invoice,product images,billboards ads.

  •  A good software language: We don't use wordpress,flash,php,mango,etc.,which are very old.Fashioned in the industry.That means,these basic and old softwares aren't suitable for today's electronic language.As software language we use ; c# or phyton which are more qualified and professional.

  •  Compliance with mobile and other platforms: Internet world is now on mobile.We use our mobiles more than computers.The percentage of the web use is ; 90 % desktop , 9 % tablet and others 1%. So , your website should be compatible with each platform.Softwares are made compatible with all plarforms instead of making software to each platform seperately.Less code , better working principle.

  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) uyumu: It is always important beign in the first ranks in organic web searches.For this reason,your website should be SEO compatible.Seo-compatible websites show results within 1-4 months while non seo compatible websites show results within 3-8 months.Seo works are made work centered. SEO Compliance is provided from 1st (First) month by us.