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First: There are two main uses of a e-commerce packets. e-commerce system in which you have the products or the products that u take from outside : LC Waikiki,Defacto,Koton,Mavi etc.

Second : e-commerce system in which you provide members from outside that make shopping on the internet and from which you get a commission. :Amazon,alibaba, etc

What should we do while making e-commerce?

While making sales with e-commerce you should know exactly which virtual pos payment infrastructure you will use.The pos payment infrastructures in Turkey are;

1-PayTR (The payments will be in the system the other day)
2-İyzico (The payments will be in the system among 1-3 weeks)

I opened my e-commerce system but ı don't have a , any customer.What should I do ?

Adress your mass and be different from other e-commerce systems.Exemplary,instead of saying free cargo,you can say your products will reach you in one hour.or, instead of making six installments , make 12 installments.Before making these you should have information abaout digital marketing.With digital marketing,you can give an advertisement to all your products on the e-commerce system.

Mors Medya Dijital Pazarlama (SEO-ADWORDS)

What do you need for a good E-commerce site?

  •  Stay away from ready e-commerce packages: We imagine that everyone has the same e-commerce packages,so what's the difference?As you have no difference,you pay the money to the software company that you purchased the package and support as a back-link. Show your audience with your own designs or customers that you are different.Mors Media e-commerce systems are designed with different and unique designs.Mors Media doesn't sell its e-commerce system that it had sold before to a previous person or organization.But if you want ready e-commerce packages,we have them too.

  •  Make sure it is responsive: Make your customers or audience who wants to shop from e-commerce sites from every platform ( Mobile,tablet,desktop,laptop,etc.) The percentage of people using mobile in the e-commerce fury is 90 % ,while the percentage of people using other platforms is 10 %. Mors Media e-commerce systems are specific to each company and are written in accordance with each platform.

  •  How can I handle the cargo job?: Platform now you can deal with different cargo companies in e-commerce systems and solve maximum cost with minimum cost.First of all, there are companies which work differently and faster than cargo companies. Like ; scotty and paket taxi. These are the alternative transportation sectors in these areas.

  •  Is SEO important in e-commerce systems?: In e-commerce packages it is usually written that they are seo compatible but they are not. SEO is more advantageous because the cost of adwords advertising for each product or service will be very high. However, since you will not be able to see the benefits of search engine optimization immediately, it will be more advantageous to give your AdWords ad as a start.
    In our country, you can get seo support from these companies

    1-Mors Media
    5-Freelance Seo etc.

    In fact, although we give the same support as all software and digital marketing companies, our prices may be different. You can choose other companies not to pay for the service.You can choose other companies not to pay for the service but pay for money. But if you want to get quality service, you can choose the top 4 companies in the list except for us.