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Why Responsive Website is important?

Responsive or non-responsive websites,the percentage of the people who wants to get service,is 90 % mobile , 8 % Desktop , 2 % laptop. If you don't have a responsive website,you will probably come across 90 % of the customer mass.If you don't know whether your website is responsive or not,you can write in Google "Responsive test" or " Test my page ". So , you can test your website's responsiveness .In non-responsive websites you don't only confront with customer mass; but also you'll have negative reaction from search engines.

Even your keyword is older according to your domain name will be upper than you.If you don't comply with technology, you wan't be successfull in web world.

I want to have a website , Is it valid for life?

Having a new website and thinking that it will be in use lifelong is nearly impossible.We can give some important examples connected to this information " Nokia & Apple " "Yahoo & Google " etc. These examples show us nothing will remain the same and nothing will be excellent.İf it stays the same. You should be lost among all other websites.

My website is responsive but some of my pages aren't

As the non responsive pages of your website will have low quality settings,you may be affected negatively.We can define a website as the body of a person.just as without missing parts of a body, a person can't work well like a website. Search engines determine a quality score, not to a single body, but to a whole body.If you have any questions about the subject, you can contact us.

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