Unethical Webmaster

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Unethical Webmaster

Unethical webmasters or webmasters don't look to the software,for them the important thing is money.If you don't have enough information about websites,and you are in contact with unethical webmasters,you will make payments every month.This means, you will make payments in vain as they are unethical webmasters.Don't forget that for these people the only important thing is money.

How can I understand that I comminicated with a wrong webmaster?

First, demand backup from your software developer.Use simple tricks like ,I don't understand well what I will do or make any changes to your website. After these question, if they demand you much money than needed, or if they say not today ,come tomorrow etc.You can easily understand that this is the wrong webmaster! You should change your software developer.Don't let them use your money ary more.

All my data is in the person who made my website.How can I get rid of it?

If you come across with such situation,and you are worried about this,you can contact with us.We can help you.Instead of you, we get contact with your old software company or developer.If they persist to continue your agreement , we go to law

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